1999 Respiratorius is founded by Christer Fåhraeus and Staffan Skogwall, as a spin-out from Lund University.
2002 The first chemist is employed
2005 Respiratorius moves to a new location at Futurum, close to Ideon Science Park
2006 Karin Wehlin is appointed CEO and Martin Johansson Chief Chemist
2008 Jörgen Gustafsson is appointed CEO
2010 Collaboration agreement with Toyota Tsusho Corp is signed
2012 Respiratorius acquires Valcuria AB
2012 Respiratorius is listed on the Equity Markets Place (Aktietorget)
2013 Johan Drott is appointed CEO
2013 Respiratorius moves to Medicon Village
2013 Respiratorius signs a strategic collaboration agreement with Red Glead Discovery
2013 Respiratorius signs a evaluation agreement of RESP-3000 with Genovis


Project Portfolio

1999 The first generation of RESP-HSAT
2000 Second generation of RESP-HSAT
2001 Capsazepine is discovered to be a bronchodilating substance
2003 Respiratorius first potent substance is synthesized
2004 First patent application for a substance is filed
2006 The discoveries on capsazepine is published
2006 Third generation of RESP-HSAT completed and patent application is filed
2007 First RESP-HSAT are installed at collaboration partner in Riga, Lithuania
2007 First pre-GLP toxicology study on a Respiratorius substance is completed
2007 Patent application for RESP-1000 is filed
2008 A new series of bronchodilating substances are discovered
2009 Patent application for RESP-2000 is filed
2010 VINNOVA grants financing of a anti-inflammatory project for RESP-1000
2011 Initiates project on biomarker for cardiovascular PET-Imaging
2012 Phase I clinical trial of VAL-001 is initiated